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Hwangtae Deokjang (Pollack Drying Racks)
Yongdae-ri, Gangwon-do Province


용대리 황태덕장

Hwangtae Deokjang of Yongdae-ri is at the foot of Seoraksan, where you can see the process of drying pollack in the cold and windy winter. During Korea’s cold winters, many pollack are hung in Yongdaeri Deokjang until the next spring. Pollack is difficult to dry and requires cold temperature below -15 degrees that lasts for more than two months. Yondaeri is known for its exceptionally cold and long winters with lots of snow and wind. However, the bright sunlight makes it a representative Hwangtae production area.

If you want to experience Hwangtae Deokjang during the winter, make sure to visit between December and March. The Hwangtae festival is held around May, so be sure to visit the festival if you want to eat special cuisine and see amazing performances.

용대리 황태덕장

Important information to review before visiting Yongdaeri Hwangtae Festival!

• Homepage : http://황태축제.kr
• Period: Every May
• Address: The three-way intersection in Yongdae 3-ri, Buk-myeon, Inje-gun, Gwangwon-do
• Host: Yongdae 3-ri Hwangtae Village
• Supervisor: Hwangtae Festival Committee, Inje Yongdae Hwangtae Unions
• Admission: Free except for some experiences

* Since the festival dates vary from year to year, please check the exact schedule on the official website.

Tour Spot 1.Inje’s famous mountain, Seoraksan


Mt. Seoraksan is considered to be one of the most beautiful mountains in Korea. It offers the azaleas in spring, clear valley water in summer, autumn leaves, and snow in winter. The border between Hangyeryeong and Misiryeong is called inner Seorak on the west side (Inje-gun), and the East Sea side is called outer Seorak. The inner Seorak, which is close to Inje, is where many tourists come to visit and experience the valleys and mountain climbing trails, especially Baekdam Valley and Daeseung Falls.
· Questions&Information: Seoraksan National Park Office 033-636-7700
· Homepage :
* Please visit the homepage for more detailed information.

Tour Spot 2.National Yongdae Recreational Forest


The national recreation forest located in Yongdae-ri, Inje-gun, Gangwon-do is the only natural recreation area in the northern area of Seoraksan. There are many large and small valleys where clear and clean water flows through, and artificial forests and natural forests come together in harmony. There is also a campsite and kitchen for camping. However, you must make a reservation in advance so be sure to check the homepage.
· Questions&Information: Yongdae Recreational Forest 033-462-5031
· Homepage :
* Please visit the homepage for more detailed information.

Nearby Food

1. Hwangtae Haejangguk (hangover soup with dried pollack)
2. Hwangtae-gui (dried and grilled pollack with spicy sauce) is also delicious.


– Feel the power of nature in winter!
– Great if you want to see the origin of Hwangtae (dried pollack)
– Recommend if you want to explore food in Gangwon-do starting from Seoraksan

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