Visit to Korea with WOULD U COOK #2

Maehwa(Plum Blossom) Village,
Gwangyang, South Jeolla-do Province


광양 매화마을

The spring plum blossoms are in full bloom!
Plum Farm with thousands of jangdokdae is also a must-see!
Take a picture in front of the purest white plum blossoms and experience oriental beauty.

Alongside the Seomjingang River that flows throughout the Jirisan hill, there is a village with an abundance of plum trees called the Gwangyang Maehwa Village. Farmers who lived in this village planted plum trees instead of grains in the mountains and fields and during spring, the white plum blossoms cover the village like snowflakes. At the beginning of the village, there is a hiking map for visitors to explore and the trails have cute names such as “Love trail” and “Romance trail” which range from 30 minutes up to 1 hour. The plum festival is held every March, so if you plan to travel there it is best to confirm your schedule in advance.

광양 매화마을

Important information to review before visiting the Gwangyang Maehwa Village!

• Blooming period: Early March ~ Mid-March
• Gwangyang Maehwa Festival: The flowers are at full bloom during mid-March
• Questions&Information: Village Information Center 061-772-9494
• Homepage :
• Address: 1563-1, Seomjin River Plum Road, Daeppeon-myeon, Gwangyang-si, Jeollanam-do

· Parking available
· No admission required

Photo Spot 1.Cheong Maesil Farm

매화마을 청매실농원

The plum plantation is made up of 27ha of plum trees by Plum master Hong Ssang Ri. It is a spectacular view that showcases hundreds of pottery pieces among the gigantic bamboo forest. Create wonderful memories while walking through the beautiful plum tree trails.

Photo Spot 2.Observation decks at the hiking courses

매화마을 트레킹코스

There are a total of 7 hiking courses in the Maehwa Village. Starting from the parking lot, it is a short 25 minute walk that can last up to 4 hours and 30 minutes. In addition to the beautiful plum tree blossoms, there are various sightseeing spots such as observation decks, filming sites, large bamboo forests, and the Maehwa cultural museum.
• Hiking course information :

Photo Spot 3.Hiking course information

매화마을 왕대밭

Towards the back of the Cheong Maesil Farm, there is a large bamboo forest. It is the best course for spiritual healing while viewing the pure white plum blossoms and green bamboo forest.

Nearby food

1. Jaecheopguk (shellfish soup served with chives)
2. Shellfish salad mixed with sweet and sour sauce.
3. Freshly boiled, spicy Maeuntang (fish stew) with freshwater shrimp, catfish etc. which are found in the Seomjingang river.
4. Gwangyang Bulgogi is made by putting sauce onto the meat and finely slicing it before baking it on the charcoal grill.


– Recommend if you want to see flowers and bask in the warm sunshine during spring!
– Best place for taking pictures with friends or as a couple while wandering through the plum blossom trees!

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